Criminal Background Check- A Must Have For Security Of The Company

background check

A person convicted of any criminal offence of theft, fraud or misconduct in society may not be the right candidate to be given a valuable position in a company. Apart from placing your business at risk, you may attract adverse credibility for the company. With increasing cases of terrorism, government all over the world have proactively started laying down strict regulation regarding the screening of applicants, especially those joining in from other countries. criminal checks usa has become very tough to clear. A minor doubt in your paperwork may get you rejected for work permit. According to a recent report published in, one of the prime objectives of the opponents during this election season in the US was to minimize crime at the workplace. To ensure this, background checks are conducted on a regular basis by social organizations to ensure happier and safer surroundings.

There are three levels of criminal background checks done:
• Essential disclosure: These checks are not specific to a job requirement. It checks for an unspent conviction that may follow with the rehabilitation of the offender under the law.
• Standard disclosure: A mandatory check for companies dealing in financial services and security to ensure no theft and fraud, this test includes information on spent and unspent convictions.
• Enhanced disclosure: For responsible positions such as representatives in government bodies, this check involves a detailed review of all types of sentences whether spent or unspent as well as psychological stability. Such a screening becomes imperative to avoid any risk especially for sensitive and vulnerable setups like schools and hospitals.

Criminal screening begins with the evaluation of personal details and authenticity of paperwork. Testimonies from the applicant’s previous employer and the reason for exit, discussion with family and friends to understand their behavioral patterns, and a quick mental orientation check by a physiatrist, can ensure the company on the mental stability of an individual. The primary proof of identity is the social security number. With this number, you can check the personal and professional history of an individual recorded in public records. The authenticity of SSN also needs to be evaluated as nowadays various options for designing a fake ID is easily accessible to people.

By appointing an inappropriate person for a job, your company can be legally liable for negligent hiring. If individual efforts have not been taken to discover the incompetence of an individual for a particular position or have ended in failure to make any corrective measures to manage the situation such as rehabilitation, removal of the employee, training or reassignment, an employer can be sued in case any accident takes place. If proved that you as an employer were aware of the the unfitness of the employee, then you will be named an offender by law for not doing a proper background check.
Criminal screening is necessary for every company to ensure safety. While you cannot legally check the arrest records, you can access conviction records. You will need to state a correlation between the reason of conviction and its relevance to the current job profile. Specific state laws grant protection against personal information disclosure; check local laws to ensure you are not breaking them by conducting a background check.